The Book

Healing The Effects of Psychic Trauma: A Soul’s Evolution

Laura Schwalm is a spiritualist for modern times. With the release of her new book, Laura plans to set out on a journey of healing for those ready to release the burden of their psychic trauma. This trauma may manifest in many areas like money, relationships, and health. Laura holds answers for many who feel they have no hope.

While her book goes through final production, Laura is out speaking and helping people daily. She offers many services, in person as well as through technology.

Christian Affirmation Cards

Christian Affirmation Cards

Healing The Effects of Psychic Trauma Christian Affirmation Cards are here! 👁🔮🙌

Christian affirmations cards can be used for a variety of purposes. Generally, affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind, to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves or about the world and our place within it. They are also used to help us create the reality we want—often in terms of making (or attracting) wealth, love, beauty, and happiness.

The Proponents of the  “law of attraction” refer to this as raising our vibration such that when our vibration is positive, positive things—such as financial abundance, love, and renewed health—are magnetically drawn to us.

The kingdom of Heaven is within you 💞

Our subconscious mind plays a major role in the actualization of our lives and the manifestation of our desires. What we believe about ourselves at a subconscious level, has a significant impact on the outcome of events.

Doing a simple practice like pulling an affirmation card in the morning everyday can help you recondition and heal your mind from The Effects of Psychic Trauma.